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URI Path Match

We treat restful requests as a resource, resource format like requestUri===httpMethod.
That is the request uri + request method(post,get,put,delete...or *, * match all request method) is considered as a resource as a whole.
eg: /api/v2/book===get, /api/v3/book===*
The requestUri here support url path match: str*str, *, **

str*strthe * in string match 0 or more characters
*Match 0 or 1 directories
**Match 0 or more directories
*.htmlcan match content.html, user-ui.html etc
/api/*/bookcan match /api/user/book or /api/book etc
/**can match any path
/**/foocan match /api/user/book/foo etc

Match priority: Raw string > *.html > * > **
Longest path matching principle:
eg: when requestUri is /app/book/foo,If there are two matching patterns - /app/** and /app/book/*,will match/app/book/*