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Default Document Config DataSource

Sureness need dataSource to authenticate and authorize, eg: role data, user data etc.
The dataSource can load from txt, dataBase or no dataBase etc. We provide interfaces SurenessAccountProvider, PathTreeProvider for user implement to load data from the dataSource where they want. Also, we provide default dataSource implement which load dataSource from txt(sureness.yml), user can defined their data in sureness.yml. eg:

## -- sureness.yml document dataSource-- ##

# load api resource which need be protected, config role who can access these resource.
# resources that are not configured are also authenticated and protected by default, but not authorized
# eg: /api/v2/host===post===[role2,role3,role4] means /api/v2/host===post can be access by role2,role3,role4
# eg: /api/v1/getSource3===get===[] means /api/v1/getSource3===get can not be access by any role
- /api/v2/host===post===[role2,role3,role4]
- /api/v2/host===get===[role2,role3,role4]
- /api/v2/host===delete===[role2,role3,role4]
- /api/v2/host===put===[role2,role3,role4]
- /api/mi/**===put===[role2,role3,role4]
- /api/v1/getSource1===get===[role1,role2]
- /api/v2/getSource2/*/*===get===[role2]
- /api/v1/source1===get===[role2]
- /api/v1/source1===post===[role1]
- /api/v1/source1===delete===[role3]
- /api/v1/source1===put===[role1,role2]
- /api/v1/source2===get===[]
- /api/v3/source===*===[role2]

# load api resource which do not need be protected, means them need be excluded.
# these api resource can be access by everyone
- /api/v3/host===get
- /api/v3/book===get
- /api/v1/account/auth===post
- /**/*.html===get
- /**/*.js===get
- /**/*.css===get
- /**/*.ico===get
- /**/*.png===*

# account info
# there are three account: admin, root, tom
# eg: admin has [role1,role2] ROLE, unencrypted password is admin, encrypted password is 0192023A7BBD73250516F069DF18B500
# eg: root has role1, unencrypted password is 23456
# eg: tom has role3, unencrypted password is 32113
- appId: admin
# if add salt, the password is encrypted password - the result: MD5(password+salt)
# digest auth not support encrypted password
# if no salt, the password is unencrypted password
credential: 0192023A7BBD73250516F069DF18B500
salt: 123
role: [role1,role2]
- appId: root
credential: 23456
role: [role1]
- appId: tom
credential: 32113
role: [role3]

If the configuration resource data comes from text, please refer to 10 Minute Tutorial's Program--sample-bootstrap
If the configuration resource data comes from dataBase, please refer to 30 Minute Tutorial's Program--sample-tom