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SpringBoot-Sureness Sample(database scheme)

sureness 30 Minute Tutorial

  • based on springboot
  • load data from mysql dataBase dataSource, then user can modify their access control data dynamically(see AccountProvider ResourceProvider)
  • apart from having default JWT, Basic Auth, it adds custom subject subjectCreator processor to define new auth type(custom subject subjectCreator processor...).
  • project's protected entrance is SurenessFilterExample
  • suggest use postman to test, test case is in sample-tom-postman.json, user can load it in postman

The sample-tom contains two custom authentication methods

  1. Customize a separate subjectCreator, see CustomPasswdSubjectCreator
    The demo function is to customize the account password of the request body from different places to create the default PasswordSubject and follow the default account password authentication process.

  2. Customize a whole set of processes (including subject subjectCreator processor), see CustomTokenSubject CustomTokenSubjectCreator CustomTokenProcessor
    The demo function is to customize a simple token as the subject object, and customize its creation and acquisition method-creator and custom authentication processing flow-processor.
    This custom process also demonstrates a simple token refresh process.